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375 Online Companies on your Online donation platform.

GSE Red 18 Dec 2018, 1 mins read
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A modern Indian spends $1172 on online shopping each year,
and no. of online shoppers is estimated to reach 120 million in 2018. If all
this shopping 
passes through the GSE Red NGO ecosystem, then
automatically more than $783m would be raised for Indian charities like yours.

This is termed as "Shop & Donate" which will be the
core of the Online Donation Platform we will be providing the charity with.

For the utility of the charity supporters, we have partnered with
almost all the online stores/service-providers including Amazon, Flipkart,
Bookmyshow, Patym, Swiggy and 370 more. They can book their tickets,
reserve hotels, do mobile recharges and anything and everything they do in
their daily life. Every purchase they make raises a donation for your
charity — it’s that simple!

The best thing is, it doesn’t cost your supporters a penny extra!
“It works. You search the web, shop and it generates money.” This form of
‘donating’ has already raised funds for charities such as Manav Milan, Shen
Foundation, Simple Education Foundation and many volunteers
run organizations.

We have integrated this system with the Online Donation Toolkit
and thus when you partner with us, you automatically partner with all the 375
companies who would be providing you the funds.