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What all you can do with a Online Donation Platform??

Gaurav Metha 27 Dec 2018, 2 mins read
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In the world where all the ecosystems are going digital, I believe NGOs should not be left behind in the process. Before jumping to any conclusion on how you should plan to do this, let's understand why an online donation platform is a must for the modern NGOs.

Online donation platform is a way for NGOs to raise money via the internet. It usually involves an online donation page and includes mobile giving, peer-to-peer fundraising, COD donation system, donor appreciation function and many other functionalities.

1. Online Donation: Mainly, It allows donors to give quickly, easily, and securely. It might seem like a simple benefit, but online fundraising allows NGOs to raise money across the country and around the world. As long as donors have internet access and the link to your donation page, they can give to your nonprofit’s cause.

2. COD Donation: Though online buyers were also seen to be more comfortable with the use of debit cards (23 percent), credit card (17 percent), but cash on delivery COD (58 percent) still remained the most favorite option for a majority of the people. Hence why not have the COD Donation system for our charity? Choose a system having a trusted COD Donation pickup system and assure of transparency.

3. Cheque Pickup: When it comes to donating to an NGO/Charity people do prefer Cheque donations directly in the name of NGO/Charity. Hence a system that is providing cash on pickup system, would definitely go ahead with the option of Cheque pickup system for NGOs in the platform.

4. Instant 80G Receipt: The tax benefit receipt is an important part during donation and the system you choose should provide you with the same. Instant 80G receipt from the system used will be a symbol of assurance for your donors (in the Name of NGO/Charity for which the donation is made.)

5. Donor appreciation: Donors who want to help your organization get the word out about your cause can easily do so with a reliable system. You should take care that the system provides an online donation certificate which the donors can share on social media. By these donors are able to demonstrate their support for your cause and encourage others to donate online.

That's it. Nowadays people tend to do everything online then why not donating to a good cause. Online giving will increases awareness of and visibility of your organization.

Hence, make the right decision today, select the best Donation tool available in the market and you will find many at a nominal charge.